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QUARTETnary is on its way.


QUARTETnary is an educational card game about the geological time scale playable by anyone from 9 to 90.


Discover the most important events in Earth's history by collecting geological eons, eras, and periods to complete your own time line of the history of the Earth.


Will you come out as the winner with the most complete time scale?


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Iris van Zelst is a DAAD postdoctoral research fellow at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin, Germany. She currently studies the evolution of Venus and previously worked on subduction and earthquake dynamics with applications to tsunamigenesis. 

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Lucia Perez-Diaz splits her time between working as a freelance illustrator and as a senior geodynamicist in Oxford, UK. Her current research focuses on investigating the feedbacks between mantle activity, plate-scale processes and surface observations, geared towards the improvement of quantitative plate modelling techniques.

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